The Best UK Apple Pay Casinos in 2022

Apple Pay is a unique payment system offering digital wallet service and mobile payment. It is reliable for payment processing on online casinos, with its popularity growing daily. Its global adoption extends its use beyond casino transactions.

In this written piece, you will learn everything about Apple Pay and how it transforms the online payment world. We will also show you good reasons to pick this payment method ahead of others and simplify how to use it for your online casino payment processing.

Online Casinos that Accept Apple Pay Deposits


All British Casino

All British Casino

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Amber Spins Casino

Amber Spins Casino

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Arcade Spins Casino

Arcade Spins Casino

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Bonnie Bingo Casino
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Cashmo Casino
Cashmo Casino


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Deluxino Casino
Deluxino Casino


Bonus100% Up To £5 & 25 Free Spins


RTP 97%
Dinky Bingo
Dinky Bingo


Bonus25 Free Spins & £5 Bonus


RTP 97%
Dream Vegas Casino
Dream Vegas Casino


Bonus200% Welcome Bonus Up to €2500 on your first deposit


RTP 97%
Electric Spins Casino
Electric Spins Casino


Bonus100% Up To £5 & 25 Free Spins


RTP 96.62%
Hunky Bingo
Hunky Bingo


Bonus100% Up To £5 (Bingo Bonus) & 25 Free Spins


RTP 96.5%
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What is Apple Pay?

apple payApple Pay is a payment processor offering digital wallet and mobile payment services for online casino. The payment system only works on Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone, being a product of Apple Inc. Devices not from Apple Inc cannot access Apple Pay. Consequently, android devices do not support Apple Pay. Furthermore, it does not open on Windows internet browsers.

Apple Pay removes the need for PIN transactions and eliminates debit or credit card chips. It works on all payment terminals, provided Apple Inc. supports it. Any merchant accepting contactless payment can also accept Apple Pay. Do casinos take apple pay? Yes, they do, thereby easing the payment transactions on online casinos for iOS device users.

Apple Pay Security

Apple Pay Casino Safety and SecurityApple Pay is a secure payment platform providing excellent protection for customers’ personal information. It never exposes the customer’s payment information or transaction data. Apple Pay’s security works together with the existing security on your apple devices.

You’re required for a preset passcode on the device you’re using for payment processing. You can also use Touch ID or Face ID for verification. The passcode can be simple or complex, depending on the end-users preference. However, the more complex passcode offers better security.

Apple Pay Mobile App

Apple Pay Mobile AppThe mobile app for Apple Pay is called the Apple Wallet app. It works on iPad or iPhone for Apple Pay account setup. The wallet stores customer’s account details, including debit and credit card details. The wallet retrieves these details anytime you want to carry out an Apple Pay cash casino payment.

Which Countries Accept Apple Pay Gambling Transactions?

The original launching of Apple Pay took place in the United States. However, its availability now reaches several other countries, including Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Taiwan, Bahrain, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, Palestine, New Zealand, China, Mexico, Macau, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Costa Rica, Israel, and Hong Kong.

All the countries in Europe and other territories also accept Apple Pay, excluding Albania, Moldova, Andorra, Herzegovina, and Bosnia.

You can use Apple Pay with several cards, including MasterCard, Visa, America Express, etc.

How to Create an Apple Pay Account?

To create Apple Pay account you need the follow next steps:

  1. A device compatible with macOS, watchOS, iPad, and iOS latest versions.
  2. A credit or debit card supporting Apple Pay from card issuers.
  3. An iCloud-signed Apple ID.

Also, check if your country or region supports Apple Pay.

Follow the steps below to set up the Apple Pay account on your iPhone.

Open the wallet app on your iOS device and add a new credit or debit card to the Wallet app. You can add a card already associated with your Apple ID on any other iOS device. You can equally add the card details manually.

Next, set the default card by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Apple Wallet and select your default card.
  2. Touch and hold your card to drag it to the front of the stack.
  3. You can now reposition your card by touching and holding it, enabling you to drag it to a new position.

How to Deposit with Apple Pay?

The use of Apple Pay to deposit money involves using an Apple Cash card by default. A debit card can serve the purpose in place of an Apple Cash card. However, debit card Apple Pay deposit casino is more accessible than the Apple cash card. The steps below will guide you on how to make a deposit.

  • Open the messenger app on your iPhone and start a new conversation.
  • Tap on the Apple Pay button and input the amount to send to the online casino that accepts Apple Pay.
  • Use Face ID, passcode, or Touch ID for payment confirmation.

On Apple Watch, follow the steps below to deposit with Apple Pay.

  1. Open the messenger app like before and then open an existing chat.
  2. Tap on the App Store button, followed by the Apple Pay button.
  3. Input the amount you want to send by adjusting the plus or minus sign.
  4. Tap on “Pay” to enable you to review the payment detail.

Apple Pay Withdrawal Process

You can use Apple Pay to withdraw your winnings from a casino that accepts Apple Pay. The withdrawal process is swift, and the money can arrive in your bank in a couple of hours, making it one of the fastest payment methods for casino players.

Nevertheless, you must withdraw to an eligible prepaid or debit card. Pick Apple Pay as your withdrawal option on your casino platform and follow the withdrawal instructions there. The money will arrive in your Apple Pay account in a split second.

Follow the steps below to withdraw your money from Apple Pay to your bank account:

  1. Open the wallet app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap transfer to bank.
  3. Enter an amount you’ll like to withdraw.
  4. Select the debit card you want to transfer funds to.
  5. Confirm with Touch ID, passcode, or Face ID.

Apple Pay Casino Bonuses

Apple Pay Casino BonusApple Pay online casinos give their customers several bonuses, offering a more exciting online casino experience. Both new and old gamblers can access the bonuses too.

Virtually all online casinos give a welcome bonus to entice new customers to their platforms. Depending on the particular online casino, the welcome bonus can be a deposit bonus or a no-deposit bonus.

An Apple Pay online casino may give no-deposit bonuses on certain games, like table games or online slots. Customers can equally enjoy free spins, amounting to 50 free spins on some online casinos.

You cannot withdraw the bonuses, except the profit. Specific terms and conditions also apply to the bonuses, which a casino player must adhere to. The bonuses are voluntary, and you can decline them if the terms do not go down well with you.

New Apple Pay Casino Sites

Apple Pay Casino SitesNew sites are coming up by the day accepting Apple Pay, indicating the widespread acceptance of the payment system. While its restriction to iOS devices may limit its use, it still gets adoption from new online casino sites across its countries of operation.

Apple Pay strives to spread its tentacles to more countries towards making it accessible to more people across the globe. Countries not yet benefiting from the payment system can look forward to a favorable outcome in the nearest future.

An Apple Pay casino may not offer quality services, indicating that Apple Pay acceptance isn’t evidence of a casino’s reliability. Consequently, all online casinos must undergo the customer’s thorough scrutiny despite Apple Pay acceptance.

Apple Pay casino Apple Pay Deposit Apple pay Withdrawals Added
SpinLand Yes Yes 14/04/2022
Casino Cruise Yes Yes 14/04/2022
Casino Planet Yes Yes 14/04/2022
PlayZee Yes Yes 14/04/2022
Dream Vegas Casino Yes Yes 14/04/2022
Fortune Casino Yes Yes 14/04/2022

Advantages of Using Apple Pay

Advantages of Using Apple PayApple Pay originates from Apple Inc. and has many things working in its favor, including the following:

  • With Apple Pay, you can accept payment with ease by keeping your iOS device close to an NFC scanner and using fingerprint.
  • Payment processing completes quickly, and the money will instantly reflect in your casino account.
  • Apple Pay offers a convenient payment method, giving end-users access to seamless transaction processing.
  • Players do not need to provide credit card information at all times, providing customers with a very fast checkout.
  • Apple Pay is a secure payment platform since no credit card is used. Instead of a credit card, the platform uses a token – device account number, for transaction processing, protecting credit card information from theft.
  • You can complete the transaction without the internet, enabling easy transactions from any location. You can even use Apple Pay when you set your iPhone to airplane mode.
  • Using Apple Pay does not attract extra fees since Apple reached an agreement with its bank and credit card affiliates to spare the customers any transaction fees.

Disadvantages of Using Apple Pay

Disadvantages of Using Apple PayGranted that Apple Pay has many desirable benefits, it still registers some disadvantages, underlining the fact that no human system is perfect. Check below for some of the disadvantages of using Apple Pay for online casino transactions.

  • Due to software failure, Apple Pay’s operation can freeze or go out of service.
  • Apple Pay’s popularity is increasing by the day, and such increased use may affect its smooth operation in the future.
  • While Apple Pay may be available for free today, no one can say if the free access will continue for long since credit card companies may want to charge fees on every Apple Pay transaction in the future.
  • The app only works on iOS devices, making it inaccessible to those using other operating systems.
  • Apple fails to prioritize Smartphone shopping, preventing many iPhone users from shopping or paying online. This, therefore, limits the application of Apple Pay to mobile transactions, including online casino payments.

Alternatives to Apple Pay


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Apple Pay is beneficial in many areas but still has certain limitations discouraging online shoppers and casino players from using it. For example, android users cannot access Apple Pay, which leads to them searching for alternatives.

Some of the alternatives giving Apple Pay a run for its money are:

  • Stocard: It is a free alternative accepting both iPhone and Android.
  • Google Pay: It is also free and accepts both iPhone and Android.
  • Payoneer: It is a paid alternative processing payment via online banks.
  • Amazon Pay: It is an Amazon creation for payment processing and money transfer.
  • AnyCode wallet: It is equally free and accepts android users.
  • PassWallet: It is a free alternative that works with android devices.

There are many more Apple Pay alternatives apart from the ones above; there are about 25 alternatives to Apple Pay. You can check online for more, however, be sure they are safe for transactions


🎰 Can you use Apple pay at casino?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at many online casinos. Many online casinos operating in the UK and all other countries where Apple Pay operates accept this payment method, making it easy for their customers to deposit on online casinos and withdraw their winnings with complete ease.

💳 What fee will I have to pay when I use Apple Pay for online casino transactions?

Apple Pay does not charge any fee, making it a free payment system for online casino players. However, it is only accessible on a limited number of online casinos.

⭐ Which iOS devices can use Apple Pay?

Your iOS device must be iPhone 6 or higher, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, or iWatch in order to use Apple Pay.


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